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ZipSplitter - allow copy large files to disketteZipSplitter

The main purpose of ZipSplitter is to simplify the task of copying large files on floppy disks. It also can be useful if you need to send large file via email.

It splits file on smaller self-restoring parts, i.e. initial file can be restored without ZipSplitter. This is possible because ZipSplitter adds a very short code (4kb) to the last file, making it executable. ZipSplitter can compress file before splitting using ZIP compression, this may significantly decrease the size of the file.

Example 1:
You want to send 12Mb file "MyFile.doc" via email, but your friend cannot accept large files (because his internet connection is slow or unstable, or his mail box is small ...). Run ZipSplitter, you will see folder/file selector like Windows Explorer. Double click file "MyFile.doc". You will see another screen. Click "Zip It!" button to compress the file and reduce it size. The file will be compressed to "", which will be, for example, 6Mb. Then you can split "" into three 2Mb files, (they will be named automatically as "", "", "") and send them as email attachment, each in a separate email. Your friend receives these files, copies them into any folder, double-clicks on the last file ("") and the initial file "" will be restored.
Example 2:
You want to copy 2Mb file "" on floppy disks (which are 1.4Mb). Run ZipSplitter, double click your file, then click "Copy It!". The file will be splitted on two files, "" and "" and will be copied one after another on two floppy disks. To restore initial file on another computer without ZipSplitter, just copy both files on any folder and double click on the last file ("") and the initial file "" will be restored.

Windows 95/98/Me/2000

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Zip Splitter splits file on self restoring parts and can copy large file on floppy disks